Unnerving footage shows Boston Dynamics’ robot dogs casually pulling a truck

The dog-like robots from Boston Dynamics are back with another video, albeit this time the video is less focused on virality and more a demonstration of raw power.

Behold, 10 robot dogs pulling a large truck:

boston dogs pulling a truck 1(Boston Dynamics/YouTube)

Pretty intense, no?

Don’t get too worried – these little guys aren’t coming to pull your house away anytime soon.

According to Boston Dynamics, the 10 SpotMini robot dogs were able to pull the Boston Dynamics truck “~1 degree uphill, truck in neutral”. That’s still quite a bit of pulling power from less than a dozen robot dogs, but they’re still a few degrees removed from robot apocalypse territory.

Admittedly, images like these don’t help:

boston dogs pulling a truck 2(Boston Dynamics/YouTube)

Check out the full video right here, care of Boston Dynamics:

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